ZIGGY ALBERTS | Apresenta “TRULY ACOUSTIC” novo álbum

Australian singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts revisits familiar tracks in a new style with surprise LP “Truly Acoustic”

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Alberts’ takes his previous recordings, including the ARIA platinum-certified “Love Me Now” and gold-certified “Gone,” and gives them a final creative spin as he moves towards a new direction for his music.

The 9-track LP, recorded in 2019, is the perfect blend of relaxing, soulful guitar and wistful lyrics. Truly Acoustic is the perfect representation of an early sunny morning, the kind of music you can wake up to slowly. It’s beautiful and stripped down.

For Alberts, Truly Acoustic is almost like a “thank you” to the projects he’s previously released. Regarding the release, Alberts said “I had two goals in mind with this release; to enjoy the recording process, and to feel like I’d given the energy these songs deserved before moving forward. My latest album, Laps Around the Sun (2018), along with all my other releases, have brought me such great gifts. I didn’t feel like I could say goodbye to these chapters without doing this acoustic collection to pay homage to an incredible journey so far.”

Truly Acoustic was recorded in 2019 in Portugal and is out now via Alberts’ label, Commonfolk Records.

Photo by: Janneke Storm

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